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Imagine a VPF where you're in control.

A replacement projector installed and commissioned, with five years warranty and full Gold Support...

all from Omnex from just £595* per month

Technology continues to get better, so does our pricing.

Who would have imagined that today’s cinema technology pricing is 'less than half the price' than it was 10 years ago? Plus, coming out of the pandemic, we now have laser projectors - with some offering over 30,000 hours of use, and consuming a tenth of the power of a xenon based projector - with a much more affordable price tag.

Whilst we all agree the VPF helped kick-start the digital rollout, many projectors are now approaching the end of their designed life span. We recognise that this could place a financial strain on any business in the event of an equipment failure.

No matter what happens in the coming years, Omnex will support you, but in light of the above, we have teamed up with a trusted broker who has helped service many opportunities for cinemas before; to support the replacement of cinema technology at an affordable price, when the time comes. And thanks to our monthly payment plan with a five-year warranty and service agreement, we believe this is possible.

So, why consider finance?

Paying cash up front for your technology can be expensive and potentially risky for cash flow. This is where finance can help by spreading the cost of the purchase over a period with fixed monthly payments. This also leaves your cash reserves untouched and available for other areas of your business, enabling you to plan financially. Companies often use this method of funding for technology purchases, because using the assets itself can generate profit to offset the monthly cost.

With a projector suitable for a 6m screen, a full five-year warranty and an inclusive service plan from just £595* per month, we believe the future is a lot more affordable.

We're aiming to save you money, support cashflow and provide the peace of mind that a pay-monthly price, will provide you with equipment you own. The goal is to make it easier for you to afford the equipment you need.

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You can combine any of our monthly maintenance and support plans; the following are included:

  • Brand new Projector

  • Fully trained and qualified engineers

  • Remote intervention and support; 8am - 10pm, 7-days a week

  • Unlimited remote support

  • Annual projector service

  • Annual audio calibration (including ATMOS calibration)

  • Software updates

What does Omnex offer to cinemas?

  • The UK’s largest dedicated cinema Engineering Team in the UK and Ireland

  • Geographically spread to be within easy reach of your site

  • Fully-trained to install and service equipment from the leading manufacturers

  • Remote intervention and telephone support from 8am til 10pm 7-days per week

What's in our service plans?

Whilst our current finance plan offers Gold level support, we offer the following range of service packages to suit your budget and peace of mind.

Price Per Screen
£59.00 per month
£109.00 per month
£149.00 per month
Remote Support
Inclusive & Unlimited
Inclusive & Unlimited
Inclusive & Unlimited
Annual Projector Service
Annual Audio Calibration
ATMOS Calibration
Software Updates
Call-Out Fee
Anytime 7-days £450.00
Mon-Fri call outs are free - included in your plan. "After hours", Sat & Sun £450.00
7-days a week - all call-outs are inclusive
Lamp and Filter Prices
10% discount when ordered through website shop.
10% discount when ordered through website shop.
10% discount when ordered through website shop.
Shipment of parts
£20.00 per shipment
£20.00 per shipment
£20.00 per shipment

You can choose to reduce or increase the level of support from Omnex.

Post-VPF, you're free to choose your service provider.

Those under the original VPF were tied to using a specific service partner — the end of VPF deals means you are now free to choose your own technology and service provider. At Omnex, we are confident that we are able to offer a highly skilled engineering team at the sector’s best-value prices.

If your original equipment was provided via a VPF deal, certain equipment fell under a maintenance plan. By moving to, or continuing with, a service plan with Omnex, your registered equipment remains under any continuing warranty.

...going forward, you can also purchase new equipment with added warranty for continued peace of mind.


Who do Omnex work with?

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Want to know more about our new finance options combined with warranty and monthly service plans?

Contact Us

Thank you for your enquiry, we will get back to you shortly.

To speak with the Team, its 0161 477 7633 opt. 2 or email

*Terms & Conditions apply: Finance for business purposes only. Subject to acceptance and affordability checks.

In addition to the example, Finance Terms are available between 1-5 years. Our indicative monthly pricing includes a 2K DCI projector, pedestal, delivery, installation and commissioning, plus a five-year warranty. We also include a Service Agreement with this offer for the same period. Omnex can supply projectors from all DCI approved projector manufacturers, as well as all major playback servers, audio processors and amplifier/speaker manufacturers. Any changes to the specification may lead to a different monthly price.

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