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For over 30 years, QSC has been bringing out the magic in cinema sound. We’ve built a reputation for unmatched quality, performance, and reliability as the only major manufacturer of complete cinema solutions. With processing, amplification, and loudspeakers integrated into a seamless whole, QSC is the complete solution for all your cinema sound needs.

QSC Digital Cinema Monitors (DCM 300) integrate DSP crossovers, booth monitoring, and load fault detection into a single unit that provides exceptional performance and control while interfacing seamlessly with existing legacy cinema processors. By combining booth monitor and crossovers, the DCM Series monitors simplify system wiring and configuration, boosting your bottom line with faster setup and increased operational efficiency.



  • Analog inputs accept audio from cinema processors or other 8 channel analog audio sources

  • QSC Intrinsic Correction DSP Settings for optimal performance of QSC cinema speakers

  • Booth monitor with front panel control for easy operation

  • Passive, bi-, tri- or quad-amp

  • Compatible with all existing QSC DCA amplifiers

  • Bypass mode - routes audio around failed components to ensure that the show will go on

  • Control and monitoring via Ethernet including full SNMP support

  • Continued development of software and firmware will add new capabilities via easy updates