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Barco provides the most complete range of DCI-compliant laser and lamp-based cinema projectors in the industry to let the movie magic come to life. Barco's product line of cinema projectors offer a perfect balance between image quality and cost efficiency for every possible cinema screen.


Designed for large to mid-size movie screens, the DP2K-23BLP provides 2K resolution, high contrast, and 24,500 lumens brightness for superior image quality. 

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Reduced total cost of ownership

  • Eliminating all lamp-related costs, the DP2K-23BLP provides a very attractive TCO. Thanks to its unique cooling system, the projector boasts a 30,000-hour constant brightness at typical usage conditions. Its significantly higher optical efficiency results in electricity bill savings of up to 40%.

Unprecedented ease of mind

  • The DP2K-23BLP cuts operating expenses, reduces operational complexity, and optimises labor cost. The projector increases your uptime and frees you from all lamp-related costs, administration, and maintenance. 

Superior image quality

  • The DP2K-23BLP offers consistent DCI-compliant image quality, outstanding uniformity, and higher contrast on white and silver screens. Its light output can be dimmed to 30% of the initial brightness, enabling 2D and 3D showings from the same projector.